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Starbucks Valentine’s Day Drinks!

So Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Starbucks is serving three new drinks for a limited time (one week)! Okay, sure I might be a little basic, but when I heard Starbucks had some new chocolate drinks, I just couldn’t resist! The drinks which are available until Valentine’s Day are the Molten Chocolate Latte which can be served hot or iced, the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, and the Molten Hot Chocolate.

Today I decided to give the Molten Hot Chocolate a try, and I thought it was only alright. I occasionally order the hot chocolate at Starbucks but it tends to taste watered down.

I ordered a grande Molten Hot Chocolate and my first cautious sip was a mouthful of plain-ish whipped cream which had a bit of a grainy texture, probably from the infused espresso. I actually prefer the regular whipped cream from Starbucks. The drink had a faint watered down chocolate taste up until about one-fourth of my drink remained. The chocolate had settled to the bottom which was where most of the flavor was. Once my drink was down to a small enough amount that I could swirl the cup to remix the drink, the chocolate flavor was much stronger. However, the remnants of the chocolate chips at the bottom of the cup weren’t fully melted which was unfortunate.

What I did like was the cute Valentine’s themed sleeve around the cup! One side says Share the Love in nice lettering with “Love” in a stylish cursive-esque script .



The other side has two cups, with half of a heart shape on each cup!IMG_0115.JPG

Once again, Starbucks hot chocolate didn’t blow me away, but it was worth a shot trying this seasonal drink! I probably won’t order this again though.

Thanks for reading!



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